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ETS2 & ATS Fans Meeting

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This time we visited this beautiful Portuguese city located some 100 kms North of Lisbon to testify something unique in the Trucksim community. Pumizo and his friends organized an ETS2 and ATS fans meeting, with the SCS Software official support and sponsorship from almost every truck brands.

According to Pedro Correia, also know as Pumizo and this events mentor, this was an old idea that he had in mind since the early days from the SCS Software games. He told us that many years went by without being possible, but that he finally managed to gather a team of good professional people who helped him to make it happen! He reckons that this event was hard to organize because it involved truck brands, truck companies, truck brands, a restaurant and many sponsors. All was prepared and arranged by some 4 or 5 persons, that worked without any profit and were moved by this common trucking passion.

An Amazing Fan Experience

The event took place at one of the most famous Portuguese transport company facilities, Transwhite. The fans were presented with a guided tour to all the company departments and had a closer look at the daily logistics operations, fleet management, warehousing and vehicle maintenance. “It was an amazing opportunity to all the ones that love the trucking world but had no idea of how things are done in this industry“, said Pumizo.

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Another great experience to the fans was the possibility to go aboard to some of the three amazing trucks that Transwhite made available for testing. They were a Volvo FH16 750 Globetrotter, a Scania S730 Topline and a DAF XF 530 Super Space Cab. The fans were crazy and happy to enter and test these beautiful units.

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A Lunch, some Words and Prizes

After the morning meeting and the Transwhite visit, there was a group lunch including a small debate to discuss the actual Portuguese Trucksim community status, but also to speak a little bit about the upcoming and desired Iberia DLC.

In the end, there was a prize delivery to some lucky winners, including official SCS Software and Iveco shirts and also DAF and Iveco scale models. All the participants received a bag with a package from the official truck brands and some SCS Software goods.

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A Unique Event

We do not know if there has ever been anything like it in the trucksim world, but it’s a fact that this amateur organization were able to gather around 50 fans with the official support from seven major truck brands, a specialized driver’s training company and Transwhite itself. Also important, was the official support and recognition from SCS Software, the Prague based studio that created the Euro Truck Simulator 2 and the American Truck Simulator.

Pumizo also stated that “All this is particularly important because it helps truck brands to realize the potential and the strength that these simulators have within the communities that support, work or sympathize with the transportation sector“.

There are several truck meetings and festivals all over the world, even here in Portugal they have two or three famous ones, but this was something different. Usually, these trucking events are mainly focused on the real transport business, but this meeting combined the trucking industry with the trucksim community which is something rare and brilliant at the same time.

In the end, we testified a beautiful live symbiosis between truck brands, transport companies, real truckers and virtual truckers. In our opinion, this is something rare that should be replicated, especially in Europe and in the United States were drivers shortage threatens the industry and this type of events might be a way of arousing the interest and introducing many young trucksim gamers to this profession.

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The Future

According to Pumizo, due to the event success, this fans meeting will probably turn into an annual event. “We were forced to rush things a little bit and there wasn’t much time and money to advertise, so we believe that next time things will be prepared in advanced and this way we can gather much more people. There was also the fact that some fans are young, without their car and so they weren’t able to come from far. Even so, we had people coming from very far, from Oporto for example, and there were guys arranging lifts for the ones without a car.”

The organization team idea is to make the next meeting in another transport company and so in another Portugal region. The main objective is to reach everyone that shares this same passion. They also plan to have some SCS Software representatives in the event next year.

At the end of the day, all that matters to me is seeing all those who enjoy ETS2, ATS and Real Trucks reunited in the same place, sharing experiences and having a lot of fun. Making all this possible on my birthday, it’s just the cherry on top of a beautiful cake.” stated Pumizo.

We would like to thank Transwhite Administration, DAF Trucks Portugal, MAN Truck & Bus Portugal, Scania Portugal, Volvo Trucks – Auto Sueco, Renault Trucks – Gallius and Grupo SD.

A very special thanks to Daniel Nemiro and to all the SCS Software team in Prague, Czech Republic.

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By Pumizo

A freelance trucking industry journalist, SCS Software senior beta-tester, transport & logistics senior specialist and simulators passionate.

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