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 “I was one of the lucky guys puttting my hands on a Commodore Amiga 500 back in 1988…”

The Early Years (1985-1993)

I guess I can say that my passion for trucks born with me.
The reason for this is the fact that by that time my father already had is own truck company. Since very little that I used to go inside trucks and make really nice voyages trough Portugal and all over Europe. I was always anxious for the school vacations or for some free time in order I can went “trucking” with my dad or with some of his employees. Fortunately I can for sure say that I grew up among trucks, trailers and the company facilities.
You can check some old pics of my father company here.

My computer game experience started long time ago (around 1983) in the ZX Spectrum era. My first one was the amazing 48K (yes it had 48Kb of memory) and worked with cassette games. It’s funny how the graphics were considered fantastic and probably the less of the gamer worries in those days. I’m pretty sure that everyone lucky enough to own a Spectrum had tons of fun with it back then. No truck games were know for the Spectrum.

You can play some Spectrum games online here.

Some years later (around 1988) I bought one of the best computers off all the ones I had till today. I was one of the lucky guys to put hands on the Commodore Amiga 500. Can’t express the joy of having a computer capable of generating the same graphics of the arcade machines founded in the game rooms back then.

Playing games like Out Run, After Burner, Operation Wolf, Another World and many more at home was something I cannot describe with words. Those were really amazing times. There were many car games but just like for Spectrum, there weren’t any truck games for Amiga.

Check the good old days of home gaming here.

The PC Era (1993-2001)

Like most of the people, around 1993 I was kindly forced to buy a denominated Personal Computer (PC).
Can’t remember well but I think my first one was a 286 (16 MHz) working with the brand new operating system of that time; the Windows 3.0. The computer problems were about to begin 🙂

My first approach to the trucksim games was made trough the great game King of the Road in 2001. Back then modding was a complete mirage and only some crappy skinning capabilities were possible. All this didn’t stopped me of having hours and hours of great fun and joy playing it.

Discovering the Trucksim Community (2007-Present)

Due to great changes in my personal and professional life there was a big period of non-gaming and modding between 2002 and 2007. It’s around September 2007 that I decided to reinstall the old King of the Road to remember the good old days and to spent some of my free time.

Lucky for me that I tough: “”It can’t be, there must be some more recent game about trucks””. When I Google for it a whole new horizon opened for me. I remember of staying up all night searching, installing and reading about the present truck community and all the amazing mod capabilities, specially in the 18 WOS series.

This was the time when I found out great places like 3dartpol or Trucksims.de and started to meet nice people and learn with them.

My Own Modding Experience

Due to my own personality and the tendency for perfectionism I soon figured out that I would want to build my own models, specially Car Carriers. That was what forced me to download the Zmodeler demo and start making the great tutorials.

I really appreciate from the bottom of my heart to people like Oleg, Ventures87, Scaniaman580, Sheryo, Luder, Val and many more for the knowledge, the exchange of experiences and above all the inspiration! All this lead me to what I’ am today in the modding scene.

Euro Truck Simulator.org

This place born from the need I felt for a real international place where the community can exchange knowledge and experiences. There are many great places out there (check our links section) but most of them are focused to certain Countries or Languages, so I decided to put my hands at work and build this project.
Hope you guys like it…

I cannot miss the opportunity of make a public reconnaissance to all the moderators of our forum. A very big special thanks to Miguel Guedes, Caspar, Pwnrer, Crocket, Scarab and DRH, without you guys all this couldn’t be possible.

Pedro ( Pumizo)
February 2009