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Magirus Deutz for ETS2 by Ventyres

This creative apathy where the trucksim community seems to have dived from some years now is not something new. The ones following and playing truck simulation games for some time know how it was and how it is, and it doesn’t look good in my opinion. That’s why this Magirus Deutz by Ventyres represents much more than a simple mod.

The Trucksims Golden Era

When I first arrived in this community – sometime around 2000-2002 – I was surprised and amazed by the vast amount of active modders and ongoing projects. There was a little bit of everything, from 3D models made from scratch, skins, maps, physics mods, cargo mods and so many other modification types, too many to specify after almost 20 years.

I often say that everything was different at that time, and it was. We know games like ETS2 were distant from where they are today – for the worse – and there was a deficit of brands, models, assets and functionalities in-game. We know the game studios were also young and learning, mostly by doing which is hard, but in my opinion, the best way to learn anything in life.

However, no one seemed to be bothered, as if we found in this lack of developers knowledge an excuse for the rudimentary content being released back then. In fact, this was the reason for some perfectionist and ambitious guys to learn how to do things and to get deep into the game’s core and definitions.

Some of the very best 3D models, skins and general mods that the trucksim community ever produced were developed by that time. We can nickname the period between 2004 till 2010 the Golden Era from the trucksim community and no one from that time would be surprised to see this Magirus Deutz being modelled back then.

The Present

I am not asking anyone to live in the past, only to realize that at the present time creativity is residual and the quality questionable. These new generations tend to demand instead of learning and to be rude instead of being humble. We barely see any creative initiatives worthy of that name.

Calling the current group of trucksim fans the #BestCommunityEver it’s a delusion from the communities these games once had. There’s a colossal difference between having simple players and artist fans and regardless of what the ETS 2 and ATS games may evolve, that concept will never change. It’s sad to think that no one from the actual modding community would model this Magirus Deutz or similar classic model.

A Classic Trucks Master

One of these creators always trying to exceed himself, mod after mod, and while doing so, inspiring others – like me – goes by the name of Ventyres (formerly Ventures87). At the time of writing this article, there will be hundreds or thousands of fans already playing his latest work, a Magirus Deutz D310!

Sascha Radtke is an old notorious 3d modeller of the community, famous for building some of the best truck classics and wheel packs. I couldn’t find a better example to complement this article and everything I mentioned before about the golden years of the trucksim community.

There are dozens of mods, perhaps thousands, whose base comes from models created by this man and unfortunately in most cases without proper credits. Moreover, that’s just another frequent sad characteristic of the current community.

I was one of the lucky guys having the privilege of meeting him at his peak, not much about the possibility of playing with his wonderful creations back then, but because of all the inspiration and motivation that his models and workflow gave me. He was definitely the main reason why I decided to learn 3D modelling.

This man’s catalogue includes some of the very best third-party add-ons ever built to the Euro Truck Simulator 1 and 2, but also for previous SCS Software games like the 18 Wheels of Steel Haulin. I personally highlight the Volvos F10 and F1220, the Renault AE, the Mercedes LPS and the unique Ford Transcontinental. All classic models – his favourites – and modelled with high precision and rigour.

I also highlight his Schwarzmüller tautliner trailer and the Schmitz Cargobull S.CS model. Who would have thought that we would have an official Schwarzmüller pack in the game ten years later?

Magirus Deutz

I got pleased to see Sacha’s tremendous comeback and even more because he did it with a memorable model for me. Ventyres presents us with a spectacular recreation of the Magirus D series, modelled from scratch and with the usual rigour seen in his previous 3D works.

This artist workflow was one of the aspects that always impressed me. The ones following him in the old trucksim forums – and now on social networks – know how quickly he models, something very uncommon among these 3D projects. Once again, it was no different taking about 3 weeks to get the model finished.

Magirus Deutz by Ventyres

The Euro Truck Simulator 2 conversion was handled by another trucksim community star. Those who follow Peer’s 3D Works know the quality levels from his works and releases. In this project, Peerke explores the full ETS2 potential and all the current game features and functionalities.

This is not another ordinary mod! We are talking about a top-notch add-on joining a quality 3D mesh, a fantastic game port, classic skins, original engine sounds, openable windows, interior animations, accessories and several chassis configurations. The Dutch-based modder did it again.

This was the common type of creative partnership in the so-called golden years of the trucksim community that allowed thousands of players to enjoy a high-quality mods catalogue back then. It was all about quality and not quantity, something that unfortunately we don’t see nowadays.

I’m always hoping that this type of good releases might awaken the creative spirit in some other trucksim players. However, I’m old enough to know that hard things are not reachable to everyone, and game modding, especially the 3d modelling part, is a tough demanding task.

I give my sincere congratulations to both modders for the excellent work achieved, wishing many hours of fun to all those enjoying classic trucks as I do. I will drive it in the upcoming DLC Iberia for sure!

You can download the Magirus Deutz from the official SCS Software forum here.

You can follow Ventyres works here, and Peer’s 3D Works here.

By Pumizo

A freelance trucking industry journalist, SCS Software senior beta-tester, transport & logistics senior specialist and simulators passionate.

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