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This interview was originally posted on our old website. You can check it here.

Not much to say about this one. He loves trucks, he breeds trucks, his life are the trucks…
Pumizo have several projects running and all of them related with…guess what? Trucks!
Let’s know a little more about him.

ETS.org – First we appreciate the time and opportunity for accepting this interview.
Tell us few details about yourself, where are you from, your job, etc…

PUMIZO – My name is Pedro and I’m 31 years old. I live at Lisbon in Portugal and now after a great experience working at the Portuguese importer for Scania, Saab and Suzuki, I’m back to the road as Truck Driver.
For the curious ones, my nickname (Pumizo) is the fusion of the initials of my 3 cats; PUma, MIsha and ZOuk 🙂

ETS.org – What about your passion for trucks, how did it came about?
PMZ – Well, when I was born my father already had is own trucking company, so I grew up among trucks and trailers. It was really nice to have the opportunity of living deep inside the truck business since my youth because I’ve learned a lot trough the years. Most of the vision and knowledge that I have today from the truck industry was learned back then.

ETS.org – What is your favorite Truck Brand and why?
PMZ – I don’t have one favorite brand. In fact I like of all trucks and I think that actually they are very well balanced between each other. In the past there were huge differences between some brands. There were only two types of brands back then; the good ones and the bad ones and today things have changed a lot. The main difference stills being the quality of the materials used, all the rest seems perfectly balanced.

If I must choose one at the present I guess Ill go on Mercedes or MAN, if we talk in the late 80’s early 90’s Ill go on Renault and Mercedes.
Talking in models; actually I love the Actros and the TGX. About the past, I will never forget the Mercedes NG and the Renault R310.

ETS.org – And trailers types, do you have some favorite one?
PMZ – Some of you might already notice that I’m completely addicted to the Car and Truck Transporters. This is due to the fact that my father company operated exclusively in the car carrier business so I didn’t have the chance of falling in love with any other transport type.
I really love the Lohr ones, specially the Eurolohr 3.00 but I must confess that Rolfo carriers are getting quite nice too.

ETS.org – When and how you got into the Game Modding, specially into Trucksim ones?
PMZ – Well, my first truck game was the great King of the Road. I found it on a supermarket visit back in 2001 and had tons of fun with it. I remember of playing hours and hours without getting tired of it. Contrary to some more recent games the gameplay of King of the Road was truly amazing, specially the capability of hiring drivers and manage your own company. Believe me or not but I still have it on my laptop and it’s a great way of spending time when I’m out traveling.
Regarding the modding scene, I’m quite young in it. I found this amazing community only in 2007 but soon started to learn the fantastic things that can be done. The first forum where I’ve registered was in 3dartpol but I quickly discovered others. The show was about to begin for me 🙂

ETS.org – What was your first 3D model for trucksim?
PMZ – I’ve started by editing the original car transporter of the 18 WOS Haulin. The final result was something as ugly as the original one 🙂
My first model from scratch was the Montenegro Car Transporter, which gave me so much work because I was a complete rookie in Zmodeler when I start with it, but I got pretty happy with the final result.

ETS.org – Till now what was your favorite Truck Simulation game of all?
PMZ – I really got a positive surprise when I played ETS for the first time, because the graphics and the map are truly fantastic compared to the previous SCS games. However after all this months I feel that something is missing. Don’t ask me what it is because I don’t know how to explain, but I feel that playing in the Polog’s map for Haulin somehow gives me more fun that playing in ETS.

ETS.org – What do you think of the actual Euro Truck Simulator game?
PMZ – Generally speaking the game is nice, especially if you never played other truck simulators before. However in my opinion SCS Software was kind of forced to release an “unfinished” game and the community have some responsibilities for this.
SCS had to deal with many months of pressure and not always fair critics. Each time they released new gallery with preview screens the people pointed to them and start shooting. Maybe next time people prefer the sadly position that Rig’N’Roll team have regarding the fans.

ETS.org In your opinion what were the big mistakes that SCS Software committed in this last project?
PMZ – Personally I can’t accept the fact of the game being released without all the major European brands of trucks, contrary to Haulin that was released with most of the US ones. I’ve always understand their position about using the real truck brands because I worked in one and I know that brands ask thousands of dollars for licensing, which of course they as low budget company can’t pay. But that fact doesn’t force them to release ETS without fake brands of MAN, Iveco or DAF. For me the only reason that leads them to this was the lack of time, obviously being pushed by the impatience of some members of the community.
Other big mistake committed was the lack of national roads (single lane) and the fact that you can’t manage your own fleet. This turns the game too damn monotonous. For me the Haulin company system is so much more fun.

ETS.org – Let’s talk now about the trucksim community. Do you think that the community stills healthy or that it saw better days in the past?
PMZ – Like I said before, I consider myself a rookie because I “arrived” only in 2007. However I’ve read hundreds of old posts in places like 3dartpol or Truckpol and people seemed much more friendly and respectful in the past. Kids are too damn lazy these days and they want everything made without any efforts or sacrifice. It’s a sad reality that we must face actually and for me it’s very sad to see some of the best modders leaving the community for things like the ones we see and read everyday.

ETS.org – Can you tell us something about your future projects?
PMZ – Well I have many things in mind for the future, but first I want to finish all my pending models:

Unfinished Models:
– DAF 2800 ATI (Timmer base)
– Renault AE combo with tridem trailer (Ventures base)
– Langendorf Floatliner (from scratch)
– Pool Carrier (from scratch)
– Eurolohr 3.00 combo (from scratch)

Future Projects:
– DAF CF (all cabins)
– Maxilohr
– Rolfo Formula
– Rolfo Pegasus
– And remood the following original cabins to car carrier low-roof:
Scania P380 (Sheryo), MB Actros (Drivter), Renault Premium (Paffalek)
– I’m also planning in making the Portuguese map.

ETS.org – Zmodeler or 3DS Max?
PMZ – Actually I prefer Zmodeler because I never modeled anything in 3D Studio Max.
However from what I’ve seen from others it seems an amazing piece of software.

I’m also planning to model a high poly DAF 3600 ATI in Solid Works which is very complex software. SW let you model with animations. For example you can build a truck where the doors open, the cabin lifts, etc, and then create animations with it.

ETS.org – For last, do you want to leave some message to the community?
PMZ – Sure. I would like to thank to all the people that helped me somehow in reaching the level of 3D and Modding knowledge that I have today. Still so much to learn!
Guys like Ventures87, newS, Scaniaman580, Val, Trooper and many others, thanks for all the hours we spent exchanging know-how and ideas.

People like Sheryo, Notic, Hardtruckisthebest, Funker, Drivter and Jef Dal Est, for the great inspiration. You guys are the best!

I’ve also made big friends like, Caspar, Hotracer, Luder, Samson, Ventures, Paffalek, newS, Damien and many others. I’m counting on meeting some of them personally someday; maybe this year, who knows?

To the community: Please follow your dreams, work hard to conquer them and above all be original. If you want to be a modeller you must try to find all the strength you can get because it’s a very hard task. It will not be easy and you will find yourself sometimes thinking in quit. Don’t do it, take a break and model only when you have time and patience. If you do it like that I’m pretty sure that you will make it someday!

Please respect the others works and above all don’t hack models. There’s nothing worse for an author then see his own work trespassed.

Thank you Dad for putting into me this amazing passion. I will never forget the thousands of hours passed with you inside trucks…


By Pumizo

A freelance trucking industry journalist, SCS Software senior beta-tester, transport & logistics senior specialist and simulators passionate.

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