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The NEXT Western Star is Coming to American Truck Simulator

UPDATE: This content has been updated, this truck was released and we carried out a comprehensive review here.

Off and on, while we all are living our rush lives, we are delightfully surprised with joyful news that would be far from our thoughts or short-term perspectives. This is one of them.

Before going directly into this article, allow me to share some thoughts about the mixed feelings I felt about this particular SCS Software announcement. It’s like a surprise, but at the same time, it isn’t. Those who follow the Checz development team since the early days know how far they went through time. Where did it all started and where they are. How the games were and how they look now. But there’s something that probably a few people might have missed. I’m talking about their ambitious and focusing in the long term, especially Pavel Sebor the man commanding the Prague troops since the early days.

That’s why I say this Western Star secret partnership didn’t surprise me somehow. Because hard work, passion and dedication usually pay off well to those who follow these guidelines, and SCS Software been following them since day one. They indeed made a few mistakes trough times. They sometimes seemed to confused priorities. They performed some hurried announcements that did not materialize. Who never committed mistakes along the way?

Mission(s) Acomplished

Instead of focusing on natural errors, I prefer to highlight their accomplishments as a game development studio, as a business company, but above all what they achieved as a team. It’s incredible to go back in time and remember the Vulva, Majestic, DAV, Ivedo and Swift times in the first Euro Truck Simulator. Even more stunning in the American Truck Simulator, where practically every relationship with the American brands started from scratch, without any workflow or final products to show and only dependable on eventual ETS2 relations with the European subsidiaries of those brands (if any). Check where they are now.

It’s fair to reckon their attitude towards the vastitude long term community demands trough the years. Namely, new truck models, new trailer brands, new countries DLC’s, cargo packs, special transport missions, “old” countries rework, map scaling, lifting axles, trailer cables, DX11, opening windows, new sound technology, getting out of the cabin and list goes on and on. It’s even more incredible to think that most of this content was released to everyone for free!

So it’s not surprising that a leading brand like Western Star has accepted to be involved in a project of this nature, importance and secrecy. Nor is it surprising that SCS Software has achieved this confidence and relationship status with a big brand. What surprises is the simultaneous launch of a real and a virtual truck in a unique premiere in the truck sims history.


The Next “Heavy Duty”

The American manufacturer Western Star — owned by the German Daimler Group — has been working for the last five years on a new truck which they affectionately name and promote as “The NEXT Western Star.”

Western Star legacy delivered some of the most robust, durable and reliable trucks through the years, with vehicles operating in the world’s most demanding circumstances like mining, forestry, quarries or oil fields, to name a few. This new truck is no exception with Western Star stating they assembled a vehicle to take on anything.

The Portland-based manufacturer claims this as their most tested, durable, and resistant truck to-date. “The NEXT Western Star” was powerfully built after many years of extensive research, studies and upon several strict benchmarks settled at the start of the project.

A Unique Opportunity

SCS Software stated in their official blog that they are honoured and proud for this unique opportunity to collaborate with a leading American truck manufacturer and simultaneously release a brand-new truck in real life and virtual world. Stay tuned for another promising release!

The official worlds premiere is coming on September 29th, and you can watch it live at the Western Star dedicated website.

Western Star is a trademark of Daimler Trucks North America LLC.

Having said that, what do you think of it? Do you have any experience or opinion about it? Tell us everything in the comments below or help us spread the word by sharing this article in your social media!

By Pumizo

A freelance trucking industry journalist, SCS Software senior beta-tester, transport & logistics senior specialist and simulators passionate.

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